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If you’d like to get paid for shopping and dining out in  and earn good money (plus keep the things you buy for free!), then you need to sign up up here for the top-paying mystery shopping jobs and get access to the 175+ companies that are hiring online Mystery Shoppers!

If you want a flexible work schedule, the freedom to pick the jobs that interest you, and have very competitive hourly rates, then you’ll love the resources that we will provide you as a secret shopper.

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mystery shopping jobs Get Paid to Take Online Surveys.  We’ve compiled a list of over 160 Market Research Companies who will pay you cash and rewards to take online surveys with our mystery shopping jobs.

mystery shopperGet Paid to Read Email.  We’ll show you a list of companies we’ve found that will actually pay you to sit at your computer and read marketing emails from their client companies.  This is a great way to earn extra cash on the side!

secret shopping jobs250 Free Business Cards.  Every Mystery Shopper should have her own custom business cards printed up (it puts you on a more professional level).  And we’ve partnered with a major printing company that will actually give you 250 business cards for free to use anytime to promote our online mystery shopping jobs network.


What is Virtual Mystery Shopper?

The concept really is simple. We pay you to shop and complete simple forms online with the best mystery shopping jobs available.

Becoming a virtual mystery shopper is an exciting and easy way to make you money while providing great marketing data to companies looking to improve their products and services. It’s a situation for both you and the online businesses to benefit. You get paid to take part in different online mystery shopper jobs, paid to receive free gifts, paid to complete simple forms, paid to try out new products (even before they are released to the general public) and best of all, you work can work on your own schedule from the comfort of your own home, as long as you have an internet connection.

If you currently have a job, then this means extra money in your pocket and possibly a few new products and services you may really enjoy.  But if you are one of the many that do not have a job in this tough economy then becoming a mystery shopper could be your way to make a few extra dollars. Our mystery shopping jobs pay the most out of any other mystery shopping company.

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How Does Virtual Mystery Shopper Work?

We pay you to secretly shop, complete offers, receive gifts and test new products. To get started, simply complete the form over to the right and begin the registration process.   As soon as you have signed up you will receive a notification email that will give you access to the top paying mystery shopping jobs online.

One of our team members will then review your virtual secret shopping application and you will receive a response within 24 – 48 hours.

If you are selected for a virtual secret shopper job. You will be sent a starter packet with more details on how to begin your mystery shopping job with us.



mystery shopping jobs“Hi, my name is Jessica Williams and I have been a Virtual Mystery Shopper since 2010.  I have really enjoyed my experience working with VMS and earning money while I surf the net.   It’s really simple and anyone can do it!”  -J.Williams


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“Thank you for introducing me to all these free trial offers!  Some of them I have really liked and kept using!”



secret shopper jobs“Being a Virtual Mystery Shopper has given me extra money to pay for gas and groceries each week. Getting paid is as simple as clicking a button!  Thanks again for the opportunity.”



 Mystery shopping jobs online are a great way to make extra money while working from home.

***Virtual Mystery Shopper pays more than envelope stuffing or any telemarketing job currently available.  Apply now and get started making money from home today!  Apply now for the best mystery shopping jobs online and earn up to $150 per day.

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